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Autor Tema: Bus near Hamburg  (Posjeta: 2585 vremena)

Srpanj 04, 2021, 11:48:08
Posjeta: 2585 vremena

John Hamburg


I am from Germany, so I have to write in english to explain what i am searching for. In Thread APP Pozega---APP razno, site 32, post 470, a picture with an MAN Lion´s City was posted. This bus is definetely from the Company Buchholz Bus, which is an subsidiary of Kraftverkehrsgesellschaft Stade.
My question: Is or was this bus driving for Rale Tours in Banja Luka(like it was mentioned) or somewhere else in Bosnia or Croatia ? Which registration plate did it have?
On fotobus.msk, you can find the bus here:

Thanks for your help!

Srpanj 06, 2021, 13:42:15
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Global Moderator

Firstly, you should know that we have very few members from Banja Luka and even fewer who are active, so there is not much chance that someone will be able to respond accurately. Having said that, I will ask a friend from Banja Luka, while you should check out the bus forum based in Bosnia & Herzegovina. In fact, there is a bus pictured there which could be the one you are inquiring about: https://www.bhbus.ba/forum/index.php?topic=826.msg35565#msg35565

Also, to clear some things up about this bus:
- it has nothing to do with Croatia
- it was listed for sale by Rale turs, so obviously it was there
- the sale is closed, meaning the bus was sold or the sale was called off it's now on with a different link: https://www.olx.ba/artikal/41822284/man-a37-euro-5-eev-2011-godina-klima-mali-motor/
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Srpanj 06, 2021, 20:21:05
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John Hamburg


firstly, thank you for your efforts! I will follow your hint and ask in the correct forum for further information. The MAN in the picture looks as it could be the one I am searching for.  :)