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Hello everybody,

in 2016 there were sold old MAN NL 283 and Mercedes O 530 Citaro to Pavlovic Turs. I have found a lot of photos in the themes in the Forum, but I can´t assign them to the old Numberplates from Germany without the VIN´s.
In 2020 were also sold MAN NL 283/ NL 313 and Mercedes O 530 Citaro to Bosnia, but there I didn´t found here... Can anybody helpes me? As far as I know they were sold to Biss-Tours.

In the appendix are pictures from Germany.

THanks for your help. rofl

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Firstly, I should tell you we have very few members from BiH. Stefan_BL is one of them and he's from Banja Luka. does have more members from BiH, but not many from Banja Luka (Banjaluka). Stefan is there as well.

Then, to the matter of VINs. It won't be easy to get them. There isn't a site where you can find them for vehicles from BiH and nobody from even their forum collects them actively. What you can do is ask the forum members whether they can photograph the VIN plate or something similar. Also, you could contact the owners - Pavlović turs is on Facebook here:

There is a forum which deals specifically with city transport in BiH, but their membership is also not large in numbers. You will find some photos of the Citaros at Biss there:

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Hello Markus,

I hope that administration from this forum will aprove this links that I will write. They have members from city Banja Luka where Pavlovic is on city lines. Maybe you can ask if something is in opportunity to check VIN numbers directly.

For this in Pavlovic you can check on the other forum link:

Citaro is in Biss Tours on city lines in Zenica. You can check photos here:

If you want to register on that forum, follow instructions:
1. Registracija (registration)
2.Click on blue box ''Prihvaćam uvjete Ugovora''
3. Then, enter your member name ( korisničko ime), e-mail,  click Yes if you want that other members  send e-mail (Dozvola korisnicima da vam šalju email), enter password (unesite lozinku), repeat password ( ponovi lozinku).
4. Then I think you will need to confirm in your mailbox account.

If you want to login then click on '' Prijava''.

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During my extremely short visit to Zenica, I was able to identify one Citaro:

PIR OV 307 -> A82-K-022

The other ones I saw have had their emissions sticker peeled off, so I was not able to get any sort of identification for them.

All the Biss-Tours ex RVD Citaros/NLxx3's were acquired from Pavlović, they weren't directly imported. Also, if they are EURO 3 compliant, they couldn't have been imported, since the lower limit has been raised to EURO 4.

Sadly, VIN gathering is difficult (it's not a part of the dataset we are provided with, neither are the registrations) and the only realistic way to get the VIN number is to ride the bus in question.
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Ožujak 08, 2021, 11:48:49
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Thank you for your feedback.
I could already guess that it would be very difficult. So far I have been able to find these:

Mercedes O530 Citaro
DD-RV 2038 -> 069-K-729
DD-RV 2041 -> E89-M-128
DD-RV 2043 -> M42-O-336
PIR-OV 307 -> A82-K-022

MAN NL 283
DD-RV 2025 -> A62-J-166
DD-RV 2026 -> E76-A-880
DD-RV 2028 -> M42-O-334
DD-RV 2069 -> E35-M-724 (Aldemo)
DD-RV 2071 -> 028-E-722
DD-RV 2072 -> E46-A-012
DD-RV 2073 -> E76-A-882

The only thing missing now are the following:

Mercedes Citaro
PIR-R 7102 (WEB62804313101640)
PIR-R 7107 (WEB62804313101648)

MAN NL 283
PIR-R 6001 (WMAA21ZZZ2B022579)
PIR-R 6012 (WMAA21ZZZ3B023629)

MAN NÜ 263
PIR-R 6266 (WMAA20ZZZ3B022978)

MAN NL 313
PIR-R 6100 (WMAA210303B018734)
PIR-R 6284 (WMAA21ZZZ2B022344)

They all were drive to Bosnia at the 16.02.2020.

Thanks for all!

Best regards Markus