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Bus 137 Gräf&Stift GSLH 200 M 12


This bus is Ex Linz Linien 50, built in 1984, It would be great, if somebody could send me photos of this bus. Photos of the bus on his time in Linz available.
Thanks a lot for your help.

In Čazmatrans were 7 (or more) Gräf&Stift GSLH200 M12 buses. Are you sure that this 137 were 50 in Linz?

Yes, I am absolutely sure. Could you give me the other Cazmatrans numbers of GSLH 200 M 12? In Linz, there werre running 14 busses of this model 1984-2000 and 1 prototyp, built in 1981. Do you somebody, who has got photos of this busses. I was told that they were transferred via Sejari.

Linz 50


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